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to Mr. and Mrs. James Heffelfinger

Yes, everyone, our friends Shamrock 13 and Twister Six have finally tied the proverbial knot!
At his sister's home in a small Pennsylvania township, Kerry and Jim
said those magical words that ended the years of spiritual separation.
Truly bonded together, in front of God and their relatives and friends,
they spent the day in nervous anticipation, followed by relief
that the day they had been waiting for had arrived.

Since you could not be there in person to wish them well,
you are welcome to enjoy the wedding page!

Carla and Trista offer the Bride moral support
before the ceremony at Sissy's home.

At Sissy's home, Jim and Kerry, (the yet-to-be-married couple),
discuss their plans with Matron of Honor Ruth and Best Man, Timmy!

"Dearly Beloved," the Minister began, before Timmy and Ruth gave Kerry away.

Kerry and Jim exchanged rings as
a symbol of their love and trust!

"You may now kiss the Bride!"

Kerry opened a few gifts for everyone to see!

Jim and Kerry cut the cake! Since the wedding was informal, everyone changed into their
comfortable clothes, and enjoyed the reunion with family and friends!

Thank you for joining all of Kerry and Jim's friends and family
in wishing them a happy, healthy, and wealthy life together!

If you didn't sign the Guest Book on Carla's page,
please sign it now!


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Photography by Dick Anderson

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