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Summer Fun

"The Summer of 1999 was so hot and humid that
Mommy took the kids' sandbox and put water into it!
This was a lot of fun!"

Frosty, "Come on, Lucky1!!! Lets play in the pool!!!"
Lucky1, "A POOL? What's a Pool? I never saw one before!"

Lucky1, "This is better than water from a fire hydrant!"
Frosty, "Thanks Mommy! This is fun!!!"

Frosty, "Lucky1, come on back, it's getting muddy now!!!"
Lucky1, "So this is mud! It's all over my feet!"

Frosty, "See, the water got brown!"
Lucky1, "Yep, you're right, nice and muddy!"

Lucky1 "Hey, Frosty, it's not big enough for two!"
Frosty, "Ok, I'll get out now anyway!"

Frosty,"See? haha Told ya I could get dirty!!!"
Lucky1, "Do ya think mommy will be mad at us for being such a mess?"

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