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Welcome to Frosty Treat's Pages for the
American Eskimo Dog Club of New England
Show in September 1999.

The club Officers, and members would like to thank all those who
exhibited their animals and helped to make our show a huge success.
On Saturday there were 23 American Eskimo Dogs, and on Sunday, 20 Eskies,
besides the numerous other breeds who participated.

We would also like to thank our Judges who examined every entry with professionalism,
and awarded prizes to the deserving dogs;
Sept. 25: Judges:
Conformation: Karen Brancheau: AE, ALKAI, APBT, MLT, SAINT;

Conformation: Donna Blews: ABD, IS, GSD, JRT, RAT, WCC, WCP.

Obedience: Marianne Higgs

Sept. 26: Judges:
Conformation: Donna Blews: AE, ALKAI, ABPT, MLT, SAINT;

Conformation: Karen Brancheau: ABD, IS, RAT, WCC.

Obedience: Marianne Higgs

Some of the 23 American Eskimo Dog entries in the show!

Results have been received from the show, and will be posted on this page
Click HERE!

As other pictures and more information about the winners is received, it will be posted!
If you have any pictures of your dog who was competing in this show on these days,
please feel free to contact me and I'll post their picture and information also.

Saturday, Sept. 25, 1999

Conformation Judge: Karen Brancheau

Before the show, Frosty and his dad, Doran's Irish Rock of Fissan, get
nose to nose! Rock must have given Frosty some pointers!

Trot, Frosty, Trot!

Frosty took the blue for
Best Male Puppy, 6 mo. to 1 year old.

Frosty called back into the ring with other competitors!

Sunday, Sept. 26, 1999

Conformation Judge: Donna Blews

Sonny Boy, and Frosty sit pretty for the Judge!

Frosty's second blue!

Called Back Again!

Frosty hopes that other competitors will send in pictures of their dogs,
so that there will be a good cross-representation of the entrants and winners
shown on this page! Please send info about each picture, and the picture to:


AEDCONE logo is used with permission of the American Eskimo Dog Club of New England.

All Rights Reserved 1999 R. Anderson
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