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Welcome to Jefferson, NH

Take a trip back into time with me as we visit one of the nicest small towns in New England ~ a town that hasn't changed in many years,
and doesn't even have a Walmart!

Jefferson, Coos County, New Hampshire sits at the base of the Starr King Mountain, in the shadows of the Presidential Range of the White Mountains. It is to the North of most of the mountains, however it is still surrounded by their grandure!

Most tourists visit Jefferson during the summer when Santa's Village and Six Gun City are open, the kids love these two attractions. But, there is much more to this tiny hamlet, and many people miss the true character as they hustle to return to their regular lifestyles. Therefore, let me take you on a quick tour of some of the places you missed seeing as you wizzed through the valley!

Welcome to Jefferson in the late Fall!

As you can see, snow is beginning to fall high above the village in the mountains.
In the upper left of the picture, a bird of prey soars on the wind as he searches for food. Your children won't see that in the city! Roadways are just fine, even with the slight dusting of snow in the mountains. It's interesting to watch the clouds lower until you're surrounded by swirling snowflakes, even though the sun might be out in the distance!

So, don't be worried about getting around the town in snow flurries! However, DO be aware that the mountain region will be under winter snow warnings at various times, and at various locations, especially in the notch areas at this time of year. Pay attention to weather reports!

Jefferson Historical Society

This home of many documents and historical items, the former Methodist Church, is located on Route 2, a main roadway from Portland, Maine to Canada. However, time has taken it's tole on the beautiful small building. The Historical Society is in the process of finding a new home, as the church is deteriorating and there is no money to fix the structural damage that has occured throughout the years.

When you and your family leave Six Gun City, take a right turn, and follow Route 2 for a ways! You'll pass the church on your right, and the old Starr King Cemetary will be on the hill on your left! The church sits beside a pull-over on the roadway, so that outstanding pictures can be taken of the Presidential Range to the South. (See Picture 1)

The North Road

As you leave Santa's Village, be sure to turn Left on to Route 2 towards Lancaster. Take your first right, and there you'll find some more exquisite examples of Early American architecture.

This home is another of the many fine examples of architecture that has been rapidly lost in many New England towns. However, Jefferson residents have kept their homes for generations. The above house was home to one of the Tuttle Families who helped to found the town, and is still providing shelter to the family who lives there today. The home below is also on the North Road, and still retains the typical "farmhouse" look.

Back on Rt. 2, you can't miss the "new" Old Corner Store,
which has been completely revamped!

This yellow house, by the side of the Starr King Brook, across the street from the Old Corner Store on Rt. 2 is the home where my grandparents lived when they were first married.

Of course, I haven't mentioned my favorite house in Jefferson, that which was built by my Great Grandparents and their family in the 1800's~~The Grand View House, known today as the Skywood Manor. Minus the wings to each side, the house sits majestically on the hill as you drive East on Route 2, next to the Jefferson Town Hall. You've seen the picture on the opening page of this set of pages if you've gotten this far.

This view is from the Town Hall parking lot looking up the hill. The new picture shows one wing on the West side of the building that is used as motel rooms. The back of the building once had a porch and additional storage space upstairs, however, this was lost in a fire. The small barn at the back is the original barn on the property also.

I hope the next time you think about visiting the White Mountains, you'll head North through Franconia Notch, and continue North to Jefferson. From scenic vistas, and architectural beauty, to Santa's Village and Six Gun City for the kiddies, this New England town has something for everyone!

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