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Updated 9/9/2002

~~Welcome To My Genealogy Home Page~~

I'd like you to meet my father, Elmer Leonard Munson!

This is a start of a work that is in progress. My Dad inspired me to start looking for our family history many years ago. Our family tree has grown throughout the years, and I anticipate that it will occupy my time for many years to come. The following surnames are among the 3100+ names that I have found in our family tree. These are the names I am most interested in at present. If you recognize any of them as being in your family tree, please E mail me.



Records were obtained at the following cemeteries:
Jefferson, New Hampshire; Starr King and Hillside Cemeteries
Nottingham, New Hampshire;
Naugatuck, Connecticut; Grove Cemetery, St. James Cemetery
Lakewood, New Jersey; St. Mary's Cemetery
Keyport, New Jersey; St. Joseph's Cemetery
Derby, Connecticut; Pine Grove Cemetery
Shelton, Connecticut Riverside Cemetery

Visit two Cemeteries in Jefferson, NH!

Most of my documentation has come from family birth and death certificates copied from:
Jefferson Historical Society, Jefferson, NH;
Vital Statistics offices;
Jefferson, NH
Conway, NH
Lakewood, NJ
Keyport, NJ
Woodbury, CT
Derby, CT
Naugatuck, CT
Southbury, CT
Notes from relatives who have documented events,
and from the published sources on this page;

For information about my other
On-Line resources and home pages,
see the ones that are linked below!
Included are pictures and trees for you to peruse.

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Presenting my Mother
Marie Tuttle Munson

Nicholas Tuttle: Jefferson, NH
2/22/1845 ~ 8/15/1901
Frederick Austin Tuttle:
Jefferson,NH and Lakewood, NJ
1/9/1871 ~ 11/11/1947

The Ship That Grandpa Built!

The Airship Shenandoah at Lakehurst Naval Air Station, NJ

Martha Campbell Cook
Lakewood, NJ
? ~ 1/25/1963
Beverly Alice Munson:
Naugatuck, CT and Venice, FL
8/10/1926 ~ April, 1997

The House My Family Built!

The Grand View Hotel, Rt. 2, Jefferson, NH in early 1900's.


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Thank You~! to those people who have judged my genealogy pages,
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