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Frosty Treat's Fun Page

Welcome to Frosty Treat's Fun Page. These pages are full of pictures of
various things that he and Lucky1 have done, along with their brothers and
sisters, cousins, and unrelated doggy buddies! Be sure to scroll down to see
the "Ask Frosty`!" Section!

Show your dogs, please!
Sonny Boy, and his mom Dorry, lead his brother Frosty Treat
around the ring for their first show experience at 3 months of age!
Yes, Erica-Jo is showing Frosty, we encourage youngsters to get involved!

Frosty learns how to stand on a table!
He was all of four months old now.

Now six months old, Frosty Treat trots to a win on both Saturday and Sunday
at the AEDCONE 1999 Fall Show in Russell, MA.
See more of Frosty at
Frosty Treat's Home Page

Cotton and Sonny Boy!
Waiting for Daddy to come home!

"We love telling secrets to our visitors!"
Lucky1 loves baby puppies, and is very gentle with them!

Ask Frosty~!

Did you ever wonder how old your dog was in human years?




6 months 10 years
8 months 13 years
10 months 14 years
12 months 15 years
18 months 20 years
2 years 22 years
4 years 32 years
6 years 40 years
8 years 48 years
10 years 56 years
12 years 64 years
14 years 72 years
16 years 80 years
18 years 88 years
20 years 96 years
21 years 100 years

How Much Profit???

A man bought something for $60.00 and sold it for $70.00.
Then he bought it back for $80.00 and resold it for $90.00.
How much profit, if any, did he make?

He made $20.00. He made $10.00 when he
sold it the first time, and made another $10.00
when he sold the item for the second time!

Picture This!

Two books were placed on a shelf for a very long time. Volume One was
on the left, with Volume Two next to it on the right side.
A bookworm ate his way from Vol.1, page 1 to Vol.2,last page.
The books are each three inches thick. and the covers are 1/4 inch thick.
How many inches were chewed by the bookworm?

The bookworm chewed through two covers or 1/2 an inch.
When a book is on a bookshelf, the first page of the book is next to the
cover on the right hand side, and the last page is next to the cover on the
left hand side as one faces the shelf. The Bookworm started by eating through
the cover of the first volumn then through the cover of the second volumn!

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Frosty Treat's Home Page

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