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Presenting our first American Eskimo Dog!!!

CH 'PR' Doran's Irish Frosty Treat!

Mommy is 'PR' Doran's Irish Mishie Pecha
Daddy is 'PR' Doran's Irish Rock of Fissan

Frosty (above) as a one month old American Eskimo puppy.

He is dual registered with both the
American Kennel Club and the United Kennel Club.

Here's Frosty, after he won
Best Male, his first "real points class"
at the UKC show in Freehold, NJ, October 23, 1999.

And, here's Frosty Treat, with his Mom, after he won
Best of Breed at his second AKC show,
Naugatuck Valley Kennel Club, Inc. on July 5, 2000!

Let's go back and see Frosty when he first arrived
at his new home, where everyone thought he was so cute!

Here's Frosty at his new home with his red soccer ball!
As you can see, he's grown quite a bit in the past month since the first
picture was taken. He adapted quickly to playing in the grass with his toys!
He had never been outside before, and didn't know how to run or play. Now he does!

Thanks, Sara and Kathi, for the training tips!

And Frosty and EJ at the show!

Erica-Jo and Frosty waiting in Group!

EJ and Frosty take Third!

Showing Frosty his ribbon!

Check out Frosty's pedigree! Click on the clover!


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Summer Fun!

We belong to:

National American Eskimo Dog Association

American Eskimo Dog Club of America

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