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Doran's Irish Fun Page

Presenting the Doran's Irish American Eskimo and Samoyed Dogs!

All our puppies are well socialized, and become wonderful, all-around
pets. From the show ring, to the family vacation site,
they are well adjusted and eager to please their new families!

"We love telling secrets to our visitors!"
Lucky1 loves the babies and is very gentle with them!

Serenity spends the night in CT!


Call or E-mail us for information
or to reserve your puppy
from a litter in the Spring!

Jim or Ronnie Doran

Flip di Brookfield

Flip now lives in Rome, Italy, where he has grown into a great sled dog!
He is the only American Eskimo dog in a hitch with seven Huskies!
This is the Second Fastest Sled Dog Team in All of Europe!

Meet Oliver!

Here is Oliver at home!

And, Here is Oliver playing
King of the Mountain
on Mt. Monadnock, NH!

The Playboy Himself!

Meet Ziggy, Playboy of the Year, beside his pool!

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