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Stud Dog Contract Information

American Eskimos

Frosty at 1 year of age.

CH 'PR' Doran's Irish Frosty Treat has been a show dog. He has
been a beloved family pet. He has won numerous ribbons in the
show ring, and he has always been a loving part of our family.
His temperment is such that our grand children have trained him and
shown him in the ring. They have played with him and groomed
him and loved him.
Frosty was tested at Optigen for PRA. The results?
Frosty got a Pattern/Genotype A ~~!! NORMAL!!!



CH Legends Top Gun of Maxasta has been shown by Erica Kirdzik, my 15 yr old grand daughter. He was the #1 Finnish Spitz Male in UKC for 2002 and 2003. Erica was the #2 Jr. Handler for 2003 in UKC handling Mav in the ring. He came to us from his breeder and we have love having him. The National Dog of Finland, these dogs are shown as hunting dogs, and must be championed in the field, prior to becoming ring champions.

These two Champions are now ready to pass along the traits that they have inherited through a long list of ancestors. They will stand at stud to a few limited and approved bitches in 2005-2006.
If you wish to breed your bitch to one of them, she must:
be at least Championed with AKC or UKC;
have current vaccinations for Rabies;
be up to date on vaccinations for disease prevention;
have a vaginal exam that shows negative for STD within
ten days prior to breeding to these dogs.
Check out Frosty's pedigree! Click on the clover!

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Please contact us about the availablity of a planned breeding for the Winter of 2005 or Spring of 2006.
Mountainside Spitz